Vins du Tsar

Vin du Tsar - IGP Thézac-Perricard

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the century, within the confines of Lot -et-Garonne, a small somewhat arid plateau produced “le vin de Thézac Perricard”, a very high quality wine. Throughout the years, this wine’s bouquet, both fine and full-bodied attracted some of the most illustrious connoisseurs such as Napoleon III and President Fallieres.
President Fallieres, a fervent defender of regional gastronomy did not hesitate to offer it to hid guests, one of whom was Tsar Nicolas II of Russia himself. Perfectly enchanted, the Tsar put in an order for a large quantity. The news of this spread far and wide throughout the country, So much so that over the years, Thézac Perricard wine became known as the wine selected by the Tsar, the wine desired by the Tsar… hence the name… Vin du Tsar.

The most renowned critics of gastronomy were seduced by the Tsar’s wine, having found it pleasurable and seductive.